ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

strange nights

Every once in a while, Aileen and I end up in an alternate universe where strange things happen to us when we do one of our traditional evenings.

Tonight, we went to Chinatown for dinner -- a winter favorite. We love the Hong Kong Eatery, where we can get a fabulous meal for $5 - $7 each, with the yummiest shrimp wonton soup ever. Sadly, our favorite pastry shop had no custard pies, but the new pastry shop next to the eatery did have them, along with lots of other tasty looking treats.

So, the alternate universeness:

We were approached by one man who wanted money (begging, not mugging), and who made his request this way:

"Hey, mama, mama, I'm trying to scrape up a dollar."
"I'm sorry, I can't help. Good luck."
"Okay, mama, mama, you have a good night."

That was very reminiscent of Guate, where all the vendors call their (female) customers "mamita".

The next guy wanted to know when the shops close. I don't know why he thought we'd know.

Then we stopped in the CD store by Park Street. Last time we went in there, we ran into mrf_arch. This time, we walked out and to the Common just in time for the tree lighting! Talk about perfect timing! We missed all the lame ceremonyness, caught the lights going up, and the fireworks, and we were right next to the T entrance so we slipped on before the crowds started to pile in. It's too bad that the city doesn't do the greatest job with the lights. I love winter lights on trees, but they do them up and down rather than around, which, imo, doesn't work as well. But I might be picky. Still, that was a fun, unexpected treat.

Then, at Christina's for ice cream, there was a man with a fake handlebar mustache falling off his face.

And, finally, we were parked in by a car with license plate "BULGIN". Ugh.

All told, though, it was quite a fun evening :)

Today, life looks up. I might even have the beginning of a plan!

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