ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

my father's daughter

The other day, I stepped out on our back porch for the first time in a while to find that the recent big winds had pushed much of the deck furniture into a messy cluster all jammed up against the railing. This made me realize that my plain but handy pine bench, which we used as a table all summer, should come in for the winter season. Most of the other deck furniture is either crappy, and therefore won't get worse for wintering over, or very hard wood, so it can hold up against snow and such, but the bench is in fine shape but shouldn't face the elements of winter. Also, the lid to the grill had blown off. Closer inspection showed it was in the back yard.

So I had this big bench that I wanted to get into the basement, but I was home alone, and I hate lugging big things down the stairs to the basement, since they're narrow and turny. What to do?

Well, naturally I have some scraps of climbing rope in my closet (doesn't everyone?), and I know how to tie a couple of knots, so I decided I'd just lower it down over the railing of the porch. It was really much easier that way. And while I was at it, I lowered down the big luggage set I wanted to get to the basement, too, because, come on, it was way easier and more fun than taking it down the stairs!

Aileen's comment on hearing this story: "You're so your father's daughter!" Which is just what I was thinking as I dug out the rope from my closet.

Thanks, Dad :)

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