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Aileen and I took my brother to the Super 88 for a bit of Asian grocery fun before heading to Chinatown for dinner at our traditional spot, the Hong Kong Eatery.

A. and I have been going there for years, and we pretty much always order the same thing (I think we've strayed once each): wonton and/or wonton noodle soup. We used to get spring rolls, but they have carrots, so when A. developed an allergy to carrots, we shifted to the dumplings as appetizers.

So the folks at the HKE know us, and they're friendly, and especially some of the folks who've been working there as long as we've been going usually give us a nod of recognition, so we feel like regulars.

But tonight, we hit a new level of regularness: We didn't have to order! Of course, our server did confirm what we wanted (and the fact that we were there with Dan was a little confusing since we're normally just the two of us), but he did get our orders right, even down to the hot sauce, and he seemed downright gleeful about it! Does this mean that from now on, we can just say we'll have "the regular"? That would be a first for me!

And, as a special extra super bonus, he gave us each a little new year's gift. He gave them to me and Aileen commenting that it's because he knows us, and he gave it to Dan with the comment that he was just lucky to be there with us.

I'm delighted :)

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