ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Life continues to be crazy.

I had a great NYE with razil, blivious and mr_privacy, among others.

We baked bacon cornmeal muffins, at lobsters, steamers, and... more bacon. It was a good way to open the new year. I didn't quite sleep enough!

We also went to a museum!

It was good.

Today, I had a job interview with Time Banks USA, for the position of Membership Director. They welcomed me to the interview with the announcement that I was their top candidate on paper, which was heartening, and the interview went very well, so I'll be very surprised if I don't get an offer. This is good, but also mixed, because the job is in Portland. I would be moving in with the fabulous razil and blivious, which is good and the job itself sounds really great, not to mention how cool the organization is, but... the obvious plethora of down-sides in leaving the Boston area is now giving me pause.

Wednesday, I leave for two weeks in Mexico, which will be, I have no doubt, fabulous, but I can't believe how little I'm around these days, and it's clearly beginning to wear not only on me but on a few people around me. I guess maybe that's just practice for the potential upcoming move? Daunting.

So I guess I'm continuing into 2005 with a bang. I'll just imagine my life is a string of cohetes de cumpleaños from Guatemala.

Finally, for anyone who's read this far, this is an open call for new year's resolutions for me.

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