ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Fun at the market

Yesterday was one of the two big market days, when people get fresh produce and such, so I ventured up the hill for supplies. In the process, I also found The Chocolate Store. I bought chunks of chocolate for making the beverage known as Wickid Good Chocolate, and since it all came with almonds, to which a certain someone is allergic, I chatted the guy up to find out if they had any without. No, they didn't, but if I didn't mind waiting a bit, he could whip some up for me. Nine dollars later, I have 2.5 kilos of freshly mixed, almond-free chocolate. Ai, I've got you covered :>

There are a lot of North American expats here, most of whom seem like they belong in Florida, but probably can't afford to live there, so they come here and lord over the locals (can you tell I don't like them?). One former frat boy tried to hit us (my dad, actually, since he didn't seem to think that women were for talking to) up for a fishing trip. Why on earth would we go with HIM rather than an actual working local?? What an asshole. All the retirees speak minimal Spanish, and I just know that back in the states, they'd be the ones bitching about how if migrants want to come to the US, they ought to goddamn well learn English.

Not that I'm bitter.

It does, however, mean I get to translate a bit in the market when the gringos don't know how to ask for a thing. *cackle*

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