ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

so. I have returned.

I left Puerto Escondido on Tuesday afternoon *sad*, spent a nice evening in Mexico City, didn't sleep much, and got to the airport REALLY early yesterday morning (Mexico City before dawn is... dark.). I was flying standby, so there's always the "will I or won't I get on?" worry. I did get on from Mexico City, which opened up my options a lot, since there were several flights from Dulles to Boston.

I didn't get on the first one. The second one was delayed repeatedly until it was pushed back to behind the third one, so I switched to trying to get on the third one. Lots of other people tried to do the same, and I lucked out and got on -- the last person! Then I found out the second one had been cancelled entirely, so I'm REALLY glad I got on the one I did, because the fourth, and last, flight to Boston, which HAD been looking very open, was surely full of cranky people bumped off the cancelled flight.

I made it; my bag made it. So, I'm home.

Today, I'm shopping for the party at Arisia and relaxing. I have more to talk about from Mexico, and I hope I get around to posting it.

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