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animals seen:

On my last day in Puerto Escondido, my dad and I were walking down the hill to our house when we saw what looked like the hugest, most awful looking rat profile I'd ever seen. Suddenly, I could understand why people wouldn't like rats, if they were all so hunch-backed, spiky and huge. Then I realized it was an iguana, and all was well with the world again.

It turns out that a lot of the small brown leaves I saw in the surf were actually tiny little brown fish. They seem to be mostly solitary, and they're about the size of my pinky fingernail. What are they doing out there in the open rather than hiding behind rocks or coral? I don't know, but they were really cute.

We also saw some really striking jellies (I got more stings than those previously mentioned, some of which had very interesting evolutions) including some that had a bright blue body, about the size of a quarter, that floated flat on the surface of the water and was surrounded by a splay of bright turquoise tendrils/tentacles spreading out around it (not down from it the way I normally think of jellies). I'm having trouble finding out more about these things, but they were really gorgeous.

When snorkeling, we saw lo of the same sorts of things you see when snorkeling: pretty fish, ugly fish, shy fish, and ... dogs? Well, okay, you don't normally seen dogs when snorkeling, but on Sunday, my mom and I were in the bay when we were approached by a passing golden retriever. That was a big surprise, as we were well out in the water. He just swung by everyone in the water to see what was happening and then headed back to shore.

On the sad side of things, the house we were renting had a thatch roof, which some of you may know isn't really that great if you want to avoid bugs in the house (which I do). So, naturally, there was some kind of awful poison that the owners put in the thatch so as to avoid the nasty buggies, but that meant we ended up having dying cockroaches turn up a couple of times, waving their legs pathetically in their (hours long) death throes. And we all know how I feel about cockroaches. The bummer, though, was that we also had lizards falling dead out of the roof. I like lizards. :<

In the bathroom, we had a palm-sized spider pass through. No web, but long legs.

I took some pictures of nice spiderwebs, too. I hope they come out! Since I forgot my camera, we have to wait 'til my dad gets back and uploads the photos from his. Ahh, antici...

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