ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I've been busy

Some of you may have noticed that I've been a tad busy the last month or so. Others of you will snarkily comment that it's been more like a year and a half or so. Whatever the case, a major milestone has been reached: I am employed.

This is not the Portland job (which they told me they would have offered to me if I hadn't accepted this other position first), but instead is a position with Campbell-Kibler Associates in Groton. I'll be working from home three or four days a week and in Groton the other days (totient is generously sharing his car with me for this purpose), and my boss, whom many of you know, knows that I have a plan to join the Peace Corps, and she hired me anyway, so that's kinda handy.

I took this job hours before leaving for Mexico, which was on the heels of a trip to Portland, which was closely preceded by a trip to Wyoming, which was... well, it's been a crazy month, as I said. So I'm still largely reeling, and I know it's trouble when even I think that I'm letting my schedule get out of hand. I mean, I'm not hawkegirl!

It's already strange to be employed, and to think about being responsible to someone else for some reasonable portion of my time. I thought of this initially in Mexico City, where I thought to myself, "Gosh, I'd like to spend more time here... maybe in February... Oh, wait! I have a job!" and I keep having those moments, although not impossibly or in a way that makes me unhappy; it's just different.

The first couple of days have gone well. It's clear that there's a lot for me to get up to speed on, but it's all within my capabilities, and I think my primary challenge will be managing my time in a full-time position that's primarily work from home.

And thanks, all, for the well wishes this morning and today :)

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