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winter sleeping

The past couple of nights have been delightfully cold. I've thrown open the bedroom windows, added a layer on top of my comforter, and settled in for some fine winter sleep. The hard part is getting into and out of bed, since the room is so frigid, but there's something really fabulous about laying in bed breathing steam into the cold air.

My parents gave me an awesome, big comforter for graduation a couple of years ago. It's huge and WARM, and I've had at least one lover walk into my cold bedroom (at a different apartment) and seriously consider going home where the temperature is normal. But the comforter changed her mind! It's a wonderful thing.

There's nothing like being snuggled into the nice, warm bed while the winter air drifts through the room. I've had my best two nights of sleep in YEARS the past two nights. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

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