ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

a different meme

In lieu of actual content, I give you a different meme, with different numbers.

(In nine minutes, I came up with:)

I am:

1. a thinker
2. a friend
3. a daughter
4. a sister
5. an explorer
6. shy
7. curious
8. introverted
9. friendly
10. thoughtful
11. optimistic
12. tired (right now :)
13. a Wyomingite
14. a dancer
15. a knitter
16. a cook
17. a gourmand
18. a traveller
19. a student
20. a teacher
21. zaftig
22. pushing boundaries
23. growing
24. forgetting
25. forgiving (or learning to)
26. bad at staying in touch
27. gossipy
28. cheerful
29. smart
30. pragmatic
31. confusing
32. poised
33. lazy
34. not quite ready for spring
35. a kid person but...
36. not a parent
37. a feminist
38. jewish
39. agnostic
40. atheist
41. skeptical
42. into scent
43. losing my tan
44. lusting after foot-rubs
45. flirty
46. aiming at courage
47. sprouting new roots
48. a woman
49. a human being
50. alive!

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