ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Seriously, this time: 10 things I've done that you may not have

1. Smuggled Cuban cigars into the US.
2. Climbed the two highest peaks in Wyoming (Gannett (13,804') and Grand Teton (13,770'))
3. Learned to swim before I could walk.
4. Flown to a city I'd never been, and where I barely spoke the language, without a hotel reservation in-hand.
5. Kicked a hole in a door.
6. Broken into my own apartment, not through the front door.
7. Had men try to pick me up on the streets of: Boston, Cambridge, San Francisco, Quetzaltenango.
8. Been 100' under water.
9. Woken myself up: singing in my sleep, laughing in my sleep, and sneezing in my sleep.
10. Been valedictorian at my high school graduation, where I gave a speech that everyone said was better than that given by our state's rep to Washington.

[Edit: I'm adding a few because you all are fabulously adventurous!]

1'. Drove from San Francisco to Jackson, WY in one day.
3'. Been present at my grandmother's death.
4'. Panned for (and found) gold.
5'. Broken four bones, all in my hands and wrists, all in separate incidents.
6'. Had the inside of my nose cauterized.
7'. Had a bat mitzvah at which I played piano instead of reading a blessing.
8'. Made over 100 hand-dipped tapers for the wedding of two close friends.
9'. Given a $20 bill to a panhandler.

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