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Good weekend!

I pick the best days to drive up to Maine! Last time, I got stuck in big traffic on 128. Friday night, it was as rainy as any weather I've driven in. I made it safely, though, and we had a delicious dinner at an open-kitchen pizza place in Portland. Came back to Liz's and Scott's house for gossip and drinks.

Yesterday, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast, then Liz and I went to the grocery store for supplies, while Scott went to the PO to get rid of some of those pesky xmas packages. Success at the grocery store preceded two really fabulous batches of soap.

Roman Soap:
80 ounces (80%) olive oil
20 ounces (20%) palm oil
oatmeal ground fine in coffeee mill, honey, 1/2 ounce cinnamon leaf essential oil and 1 - 1 1/2 ounce spice scent from genwax

Casssa Soap:
14 ounces (14.43%) almond oil
6 ounces (6.19%) avocado oil
25 ounces (25.77%) castor oil
20 ounces (20.62%) safflower oil
12 ounces (12.37%) sesame oil
20 ounces (20.62%) sunflower oil
oatmeal, dried lavender ground fine in coffee mill, 1/2 ounce lavender and 3 ounces vanilla scents from genwax

I'm gonna have to stop making soap or get on the horn about selling it, or giving it away soon, because we have a whole lot of soap left from the day we did two sesame honey soaps, and I really don't use a lot of soap myself. That said, we have a ton of leftovers here, so we're gonna make and Everything but the Kitchen Sink soap with what we have, and we also have ingredients coming from brambleberry that didn't arrive in time for this weekend, so we'll have to make a plan to use those, too. Maybe in January.

I think I should start working on lotions. My skin is feeling pretty dry, and more soap won't help that all that much :) And maybe lip balms.

Next week, though, it's candles. I need 60 hand-dipped tapers for kristin's and josh's wedding on the 3rd of January, so I'd better get to it. Also, I have some holiday gifts still to make. Good this I have the week off starting tuesday! Woohoo!
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