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xmas eve eve

I just realized tonight that this week will be the first time since getting a "regular" job that I've had more than 4 days off and stayed in Boston the whole time. On one hand, it feels really nice to be looking forward to it, very luxurious to have all that "free" time, and on the other, I'm feeling a bit of that "loose ends" feeling. I'm sure I'll find the time flies by, but that's where I am right now.

I just got a package of wrapped gifts from home, which I'm sure I'll love, but the prospect of opening them in my empty apartment alone seemed a little too lonely. I'm not sure what a better option will be. Maybe I'll get Aileen to come over before church tomorrow night and help. Or something. catya and I were talking about doing dim sum on xmas morning, but there may be a big storm, so maybe I'll make plans with Kim et al if dim sum doesn't happen.

It's weird not to be home for this holiday week. And it's further weird to know there's no There there, because Mom and Dad are in Seattle. I think it might be less weird for me if I knew that the family festivities were still happening, even without me. On the bright side, I get to see people here who I wouldn't see if I were home...

On another bright side, I have 60 candles to make this week. That's exciting :)

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