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As those of you who read jordanwillow know, WSO (aka: Williams Students Online), which hosts her mail account, one of my mail accounts, and my web page, recently had some technical difficulties. Since my mail that goes there gets forwarded to my homeport account, I didn't particularly notice any problems with this, other than that some of my mail was delayed.

Until today, that is, when I did a vanity search on myself and was surprised to discover that some of the publications of which I've been part through my new job have displaced my web page as my primary hits. Okay, says I, no problem. I wonder how far down I have to go to find my web page? Surprisingly far down, I start to find little subsections for my page, but not the real deal. I check out my page to find out what's up, only to find that WSO lost it. Argh!

Thank goodness for the google cache.

I mean, it's time for me to update it, anyway, but I'd be sorry to lose it entirely.

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