ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

My whole problem with the right-to-die vs. right-to-live questions swirling around the Schiavo bruhaha isn't that one side has one opinion and the other has another, or that it's unclear what Ms. Schiavo wanted, and obviously each side of her family disagrees.

My problem isn't that she was kept alive too long or that she didn't get to live long enough.

My problem isn't that, to me, life doesn't mean PHYSICAL function (whether aided by machines or not) but mental function, because I don't really think my definitions should rule how others live or don't live, die or don't die. I know what I'd want, and the relevant people in my life do, too.

My problem isn't even that I can think of a lot of better ways for people to spend gobs of money improving the world.

My problem is that this became a huge national issue, no doubt providing a screen for other, more relevant or important events over recent days.

My problem is that Congress seemed to think that making special rules for a case like this was the right thing to do.

My problem is that many of our lawmakers think that keeping the body of an unconscious woman alive is humane, while clandestinely supporting homocidal dictators in third world countries is good policy.

My problem is that I'm irrevocably out of step with national propaganda, and I just don't think I'll ever Get It.

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