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new year's resolutions

I don't actually buy into the new year's resolution thing, in the traditional sense, but I do keep a list of things I want to do. This year's is much like last year's, with a couple of changes. Here it is:

* continue to make interpersonal relationships, their improvement, development and deepening a priority in my life and thinking
* push myself to find out what my next step in my professional life will be and how I will achieve it
* travel to at least two new places in the next year
* be frivolous a little more often
* contribute time, money and energy to groups whose goals are appealing and/or important to me, regardless of whether that work will have a direct gain for me
* lengthen my patience for people who deserve it
* shorten my patience for people who need it
* loosen up
* learn at least one new skill
* be generous in both thought and deed
* write at least one piece to be submitted for publication or in a contest in the next year
* get massaged more often
* try new things
* push the envelope
* be honest, sometimes, but not always, bluntly so
* challenge myself
* challenge others
* make fun a priority
* live well and cultivate happiness
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