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the magic of cold

I love priceline.

For several summers, now, I've joked about renting a hotel room towards the end of a really hot spell, for relief and a good night's sleep. With last night's forecast temp over 70, after a day around 100, I knew my bedroom would be unbearable for sleep, so I bid on priceline for a cheap hotel room. Much to my surprise, I got a 3 star room for $50!

So I called Aileen and invited her to join me, and, amazingly enough, she didn't have plans! (We've missed each other a lot this summer because we've both been so busy, so it's a minor miracle that with a few hours' notice, our schedules meshed.)

The University Park Hotel at MIT was quite nice, perfectly frigid, and the sheets were lovely and soft. They had Aveda toiletries, which I took when we left this morning, of course.

This is even better than having a/c at home, 'cause it was like a little mini vacation for the night. What a treat! And with priceline and splitting the cost between the two of us, it cost less than a moderately fancy dinner. I'm in SUCH a good mood.
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