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At first I thought I wouldn't be able to make this post, as IE tried to tell me that the update page had a 22% chance of having prohibited content... a quick download of Firefox, however, saves me from having to send out approximately 500 individual emails :)

Sunday, we arrived in Guatemala City in fine time and caught the bus to Chiquimula by around 1 or 1:30. There was a lot of traffic heading out of the city, though, so we were slow on that front, and we got to Chiquimula around 4:30, about the time that the last bus leaves for the border. It was a question as to whether we would push it and try to get over into Honduras before the border closed, but between not wanting to get stuck there overnight and my being pretty tired from travelling, we decided to spend the night there. The last time I stayed over there, I had a midnight visitation from a little cat, much to my surprise. Happily, this time, if a cat visited in the night, it didn't stop in my bed.

Yesterday (I can't believe it was just yesterday!), we got an early bus to the border and were in Copán Ruinas (the town) by noonish. After finding a hotel (much nicer than either of the others where I stayed in my prior visits here) and lunch, we went to Copán (the ruins). There were more people around than when I was here in 2003, which made it less peaceful and meditative than it had been then, but it was fun to be there with someone. Those of you who were reading my journal back in 2003 may remember that I had a bad experience with a man at the park when I visited, and in coming back, I was hoping to clear up some of those associations, which I think I did. Interestingly, however, I saw the fellow in question, as well. He obviously didn't recognize me (not that I would expect him to), and in some ways, it was nice to revise him, too, in my mental categorization.

The same challenges exist here as always: the cultural divide is not vast, but it's real, and, of course, as a very very wealthy person, I'm a target for requests for handouts. I think this is reasonable, and it's my problem to try to figure out how to navigate it. It's only a symbol of my own stuff that I haven't yet found a place about that that feels comfortable to me.

Today, we're enjoying a day in one place before doing a more or less full day on buses tomorrow to get to Xela. I'm eager to be there and to see my friends and be in the mountains. It's nice to be in the tropics, but, really, I'm a mountain girl when you get right down to it. And, of course, I can't wait to get to the lake!

Ten days is a weirdly short trip. It really feels like a tourist jaunt (which is what it is), which is a new mental place for me in this region.

Now, to do some more wandering and enjoy the town in the slow, hot afternoon!

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