ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Home again, home again!

It's amazing to me how much coming to Xela felt like coming home. We had a BIG day of travel today, getting up early to depart Honduras. When I did the same trip a couple of years ago, I made it to Xela by midafternoon, but timing didn't line up so well today, and we didn't get in until just after dark.

Happily, it's Wednesday, which means that people were staying a bit late at the Proyecto, so I got to say some quick (though tired) hellos to people. It was GREAT. Also, Sharon, the new coordinator, invited me to join her in doing the interpretation of tomorrow's conference. *bounce* I'm totally excited to do it! I wasn't thinking of it at all for this trip, so it's an extra treat.

On today's happy list: speaking Spanish, hearing Spanish. Seeing old friends. Coming to a cooler climate. Navigating a long day of bus travel without too much wear and tear. Xela.

The one bummer is that the Parque Central is under renovation (this is good, really, in the long run) so some of my nostalgic wandering will be curtailed. On the bright side, this means I'll definitely have to come back to check it out once it's done! I do wonder, though, how I'll catch up with some of my vendor friends, if not there.

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