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wedding and oogy

Woke up this morning feeling a way that can only be described as "oogy". Stomach ache, digestive upset, etc. Bad timing, given that I have at least one guest tonight, the wedding rehearsal and dinner and other wedding stuff. Turns out catya has the same symptoms, so it's either something we both ate, or a bug we both picked up.

Kim gave me some nifty homeopathic stuff, and I've been drinking ginger tea, and food seems to help how I feel. Too bad I don't have a lot of good, light snacky food here.

I'm working on the last batch of candles, which is nearly done. Very exciting! Bekah just got home, which makes me feel self-conscious of how cluttered the apartment is with all my craftystuff. I'm desperately short on clean clothes, but no time to do laundry until Saturday. Oh well. I've still got the essentials -- underwear and socks :)

Now for the stomach to continue to improve so I'm not a ghost for the rehearsal tonight and whatever's happening tomorrow. And a shower would feel good, too.

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