ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

This will be a brief update because the keyboard I'm using sucks. However...

We left Xela this afternoon, lucking out and catching a directo to Panajachel, where we are now. Pana, aka Gringotenango, is about as I remembered it. Lots of gorgeous goods and cute kids trying to get you to buy from them. It's hard to say no and impossible to say yes.

My time in Xela was really good. I got to catch up a bit with nearly everyone I wanted to see, and the one person I missed, it turned out she was in Spain on vacation and got back yesterday, so I caught her just before leaving today -- a treat!

Tomorrow, we continue our immersion in the shopping aspect of the trip with a jaunt to Chichicastenango, a big, popular market. Assuming we get out alive, Monday will be a day of rest and enjoying ourselves on the lake and then Tuesday, we'll probably spring for a shuttle to get us to the airport in the early afternoon, and then it'll be back to Boston.

I hear you all are having great weather there. I'd offer to bring some back from here, but given that it's the rainy season, I'd probably miss and bring back a huge storm.

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