ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Last days

Chichicastenango was as much fun as I remembered. I restrained myself more this time than I did the last time I went, which means I only came away with two big bags of goodies. Go, me! I really enjoy the whole bargaining process so much that I wish I could do it just for fun. Of course, it would actually be incredibly bad form to bargain and then not buy. Probably it's just as well!

miss_chance and I ate at a couple of food stands in the market, where it was clear they don't often see gringos. We got a lot of attention, and, especially at the first stop, a bit of conversational exchange -- one of our hosts knew a bit of English, so we traded a few sentences in her English and m_c's Spanish. And we had some very tasty tamales de arroz.

After the big day, today was a good day to sleep in before going to the wildlife reserve, where we saw MONKEYS and COATIS! Not that I was excited about that or anything. I want to be a spider monkey in my next life. I covet prehensile tails. Why on earth did we evolve away from those, anyway??

I'm enjoying my last hours here before a very early departure for the airport in the morning. It'll be a long travel day tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to being home, too.

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