ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Meme borrowed from snowy_owlet:

Seven things that, fortunately, I never have to worry about my friends saying behind my back:

1. Boy, what do you have to do to get Rosa to shut up?
2. You know, I never get the sense that Rosa's given her choices much thought.
3. I really find it off-putting how Rosa hides behind makeup before she'll let anyone see her.
4. I sure wish Rosa would learn to cook a half-decent meal.
5. It's a shame Rosa never learned to enjoy a good book.
6. I'd find it easier to spend time with Rosa if she would actually listen when I talk.
7. That Rosa... she'd be more fun if she stopped doing what everyone expects.

Seven things that, unfortunately, I never have to worry about my friends saying behind my back:

1. What I love about Rosa is how you always know just what kind of mood she's in and how to respond to it.
2. It's so great that whenever I want to spend time with Rosa, she's free!
3. Rosa is the absolute life of any party -- she can make even a funeral fun!
4. Rosa never holds a grudge.
5. Doesn't Rosa have the most sophisticated taste? You'll never see her drinking white zinfandel or eating M&Ms.
6. One of the great things about Rosa is how decisive she is. She always knows what she wants to do when we start to plan an evening or weekend.
7. Rosa's decision-making process is admirably logical and always makes sense!

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