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wedding musings

Kristin and Josh's wedding went off without a hitch. The candles worked, the families got along, the room was beautiful, the speaches were thoughtful and lovely, and no one passed out. Kristin looked radiant, Josh looked Joshly, and they both were obviously extremely happy.

My favorite detail is the fact that Kristin missed the rehearsal because her trial makeup and hairdo session went too long. How can you have a wedding rehearsal without the bride, you ask? Well, she decided that SHE knew what she needed to do; it was everyone else who needed rehearsing. The sister of the groom, who was to be the musician, had come down with the stomach flu, and she wasn't there, either. Otherwise, the rehearsal was uneventful.

The rehearsal dinner was GREAT. I got to sit at the single friends table, which helped me avoid all the couples talking about THEIR wedding plans, etc. This is good, because I have enough people in my social circle planning weddings loudly and with great detail that there were separate friends tables.

Lots of funny toasts were made to the lucky couple, and Sarah and Kim put together a really awesome video of childhood pics of each of them, and then pics of them together. Very sweet.

The day of the wedding, Diana and I relaxed in the early part of the day, and in the afternoon, I showered and put myself together to head over to the Ritz for dressing up with the other bridesbabes, and final arrangements. Put together the candelabras, did photos, relaxed, and stood around too much.

The ceremony was awfully nice. They did the legal paperwork stuff beforehand, and didn't have an officiant for the ceremony, which I liked a lot. Mew and Andy did that, too, and it's a nice thing. Friends and family did readings, including Edward Abbey's Benedicto, which has always been a favorite of mine. I got an honorable mention in the father of the bride's speech. Go, me!

The actual vows, and tone, were a little too much of the "always and forever" variety for my taste, but otherwise, it was all great. It's funny: I don't think I ever want to be married, certainly not while I'm being poly, unless I have compelling logistical reasons to do so, but I often think it would be neat to have committment ceremonies as a way of honoring a long-term r'ship. Interesting to think about how that might work in my life.

Good music, great time seeing people I don't see much of these days, and Scott and I gave a toast that came off pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. We did get some nice comments on it afterwards.

Stayed up late dancing and drinking, much fun. My feet were KILLING me by the end of the night. Diana forced me to take a cab, which was a good thing, because it turned out we had a shitload of flowers and other stuff to bring home.

Otherwise, the day was totally dull ;)

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