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Where Arora gives in to the meme

100 factoids:

1. I sunburn easily, but I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my face -- other places on my body I don't mind so much. I use it anyway because my mom spent so much time in my younger years telling me how horrible my skin would look when I get older if I don't take care of it now.
2. I love the idea of my birthday, but I almost never fail to be disappointed by the reality, because I get my expectations way up about it. More recently, I've decided to "give up" on my birthday, and just do whatever happens, and that's worked out pretty well, even though I still secretly hope for surprise parties or other unexpected goodies.
3. I don't expect to marry as long as I'm being poly. But I know life is full of surprises.
4. I don't foresee myself wanting kids of my own. Ditto above caveat.
5. My theory on new foods and other experiments is that I'll try almost anything twice. I do make exceptions to this.
6. I've broken bones four times in my life, all in my hands and wrists.
7. I consider myself a recovering shy person.
8. I keep a "Top 10" list of actors I lust after. For whatever reason, female actors rarely get on this list.
9. Other than drinking before I was legally old enough, I haven't tried any illegal drugs.
10. Someday, I'll change that, unless the drugs I want to try are legalized first.
10a. I'm not interested in drugs I have to inject, snort or smoke. If I can't eat it or swallow it in a pill, I'm not gonna try it.
11. I *love* to dance and I don't do it enough. I've especially enjoyed contra dancing, and I want to learn some ballroom styles and swing dancing. I'm not much of a club-type dancing girl, though.
12. Growing up, I had lots of pets: cats, dogs, snake, tarantula, turtles, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, fish, and rats, to name a few. Now I have no pets, and I miss it.
13. Before I got to college, I thought I might be a math major, but multivariable calculus changed that. I still think that if I'd had a professor whose style worked better for me, I might have kept at it, and I miss doing interesting math daily. Calculus relaxed me, in a zen kind of way.
14. Yes, I'm a freak.
15. I hold a terrible grudge.
16. It takes me a really long time to feel like I know someone, or to feel at home in a place. So people often feel like we've become friends before I quite realize it, and the thought of moving to a new place and spending a year or two making it my home feels daunting.
17. I feel no need to work for a living, and I'd be perfectly happy tripping over independent wealth and finding other things to do with my time than have a job.
18. That said, I sure wish I had a job that kept my interest.
19. I adore spicy food.
20. There are a few movies and books that I can rewatch or reread shortly after the first time, but I almost always prefer to leave a year or more between the first viewing and the second.
21. Even if I love a book, I don't remember most of the details of a story until after I've read it a second time.
22. I rather wish I could be more of an anarchist.
23. Among my fantasies for future careers: proprieter of a bathhouse (of the turkish/japanese variety, not the san fransiscan), producer of fine hand-made soaps, lotions, candles and other crafts, workshop facilitator, author, teacher, activist.
24. Roller coasters, zoomy rides, hot foods, hottubbing and rolling in the snow. I love intense/extreme experiences and thrills.
25. When I get lost, I hate asking for directions. I'll wander around for a long time trying to find my way before asking for help, unless I'm in a time crunch or I have someone with me who will ask.
26. Every person I've been sexually intimate with in the last 6 years, I've met first on IRC and face to face later.
27. I own a box of expensive makeup that I got for the first wedding for which I was a bridesmaid. It typically makes its appearance only when I'm in a bridal party, though I occassionally play dress up other times.
28. I haven't lost a close friend or family member to death since I've been old enough to understand the concept of death, but I still feel sadness over the loss of a couple who were friends of my parents when I was a toddler -- my only memory of them is of them teaching me how to do somersaults, and later, wintersaults (backwards somersaults), and it's sad for me that they're not around anymore. I've also lost two more distant friends in the past few years, and it makes me sad to know that they're not out there making their ways through life, even though it makes no real difference to me day to day.
29. I'm easily entertained, and a movie has to be pretty damn bad for me to find the plot or acting bad. It's happened, though.
30. I have had two fillings in my life, neither of which was a big enough deal to require novocaine. I love going to the dentist. See #14.
31. My dad, my mom, and my brother are all the youngest siblings in their respective birth families, making me the only oldest child in mine. I spent years convinced that this was the reason for the little injustices of my childhood.
32. I pretty much don't believe in things supernatural, but I'm sure there's stuff out there that we haven't scientifically "discovered" yet. I'm okay with having conflicting beliefs on this in my head.
33. I almost never talk to myself, but if there's an animal or plant around, I'll talk to them.
34. When I wore a wristwatch, I always wore it on my right, even though I'm right handed.
35. Even if I'm lugging two suitcases, my backpack and a pair of skis, I'm too cheap to spring for a cab or shuttle to the airport unless the T isn't running at the time I need it.
36. Even so, I end up wasting money on things that seem like a good idea at the time.
37. Had I encountered role playing games at an earlier age, I probably would have liked them. As it is, I've never even tried.
38. A few years ago, I resolved to flirt with people more. I've succeeded completely.
39. If I could instantly know how to play any instrument, it would be a toss-up between fiddle and digeridoo. (Yes, i probably spelled that wrong.)
40. I'm most interested in Spanish-speaking cultures, at least in part because I speak Spanish (or did once), but all my favorite foods are Asian-based.
41. I've written some moderately good poetry.
42. Looking back at papers I wrote in college, I'm struck by two things: 1) I had more insights than I remembered and 2) a lot of academia is mental masturbation.
43. I like masturbation of all sorts.
44. I have at least three dream houses, none of which I've seen in real life.
45. If I were an animal, I would be an owl or a hedgehog.
46. Some of my best friends are people I only talk to 3 or 4 times a year, but when I pick up the phone, we instantly reconnect.
47. Pet peeves: People asking questions but don't have an interest in the answer, or, worse, get angry because it turns out they didn't want to know the answer. Lip smacking and other noisy eating. Know-it-alls (this one is probably because I have a bit of that in myself, too, and I don't like it.) People leaving the toilet cover open when they're done. Stupid rules. Others, I'm sure :)
48. I've never ridden in an ambulence or ski patrol rescue sled, and I'd like to keep it that way.
49. I love to swim, and my favorite part about the BVI vacation I took last year was swimming in the ocean every day.
50. I'm not really a worrier, especially about things over which I have no control.
51. The only pyramid chain letter I've participated in was a "pretty panty exchange" and I ended up getting 6 (out of a possible 36) pairs of pretty panties out of it. I didn't send out the pair I bought for the person I was supposed to, though.
52. I can swallow a huge handful of pills without trouble. In fact, I often get one pill stuck in my throat while a handful goes down easily.
53. I always finished papers in college days in advance of their due date, but I procrastinate packing for trips until the last possible moment.
54. When I was in elementary, I strongly disliked the digits 2 and 6 because of how they looked, and I especially liked 4 and 8.
55. I have a fantasy of shaving my head, and I came close to doing it when my best friend in high school lost all her hair to chemotherapy.
56. I also fantasize about having super duper extra long hair.
57. My fantasies often conflict.
58. I wear glasses, but only when driving at night or watching a movie (if I remember to bring them to the theater)
59. Speaking of movies, I always try to bring earplugs to theaters in case the volume is too loud. I also like to wear earplugs on the subway and in planes.
60. All of my techy nicknames are associated with the north: My IRC nick is arora, here, I'm aroraborealis, my laptop is Ultima Thule, and my work machine is borealis.
61. I almost never like the partners my female friends come up with. I typically think they can do so much better.
62. I found school easy through high school, and I never worked very hard. When asked at my high school graduation why she didn't advance me a year ahead, my first grade teacher said that I was a good student, but she couldn't get me to do work I wasn't interested in. That's held true throughout my academic career.
63. I had my first waking orgasm when I was 23.
64. I don't need a caffeinated beverage in the morning, and I only recently started drinking coffee at all, usually decaf, after dinner.
65. I can't watch horror films, especially about the occult: they make my physically ill.
66. My vivid dreams come in phases: I'll go a couple of weeks with no memorable dreams, and then a couple of weeks of very vivid ones, etc.
67. I love pins. So far, I only have one on my backpack, but if I add another, it'll be all over, and soon, I will be utterly inundated. If I had a car, I would have the same issue with bumper stickers.
68. My ideal bathroom involves a big tub, a luxurious shower, a separate room for the toilet, and walls that can be written on and erased.
68. I memorize poems for fun, although I've fallen down on the job and don't have any beyond a soliloquy from Hamlet in my brain right now.
69. This habit stems from school assignments and long road trips, where my dad and I would quote Shakespeare at each other.
70. I kept a daily paper journal for several years, and I love looking back at it, but I don't thik I'll pick it up again.
71. My favorite colors are red and purple, especially with silver and black. I'm a little sad that red and purple together are too garish for most things. :)
72. If I can't picture kissing a person, I can't picture having sex with hir.
73. I have a little dental hygiene compulsion. I've been known to get up out of bed to floss after forgetting to do so during my regular routine.
74. Hearing someone describe well a food that they like has been known to change my mind on food I don't like.
75. Favorites: frozen yogurt: white chocolate mousse; ice cream: mint chocolate chip; wine: shiraz; soda: barq's root beer; apples: fuji, gala, and honeycrisp; scents: vanilla, lavender, allspice, clove, nutmeg.
76. The first time I went to the beach, in FL, I got stuck in the water because I was afraid to go between the piles of seaweed on the beach, where I was afraid jellyfish tentacles would blow out for me to step on.
77. I've never had a crush on a teacher or professor.
78. Times I've had men try to pick me up on the street when I wasn't wearing a cast: 0
79. Times I've had men try to pick me up on the street when I was wearing a cast: 3
80. The first movie I remember seeing in a theater is Return of the Jedi, but i didn't see the other two of the original Star Wars trilogy until my sophomore year of college.
81. My favorite holidays are July 4th and Thanksgiving, even though I hate cultural imperialism.
82. I'll read fiction before nonfiction nearly any day of the week. I make exceptions for strong recommendations.
83. Sometimes the food cravings I get are for a flavor, sometimes for a texture.
84. Many of my favorite jokes are extraordinairily lame.
85. For me, the worst thing about paying taxes is the stress around the paperwork and what happens if I do it wrong and/or get audited.
86. Sometimes, I wait as long as I can before peeing, and then time how much urine I had in my bladder. My top time is 2:30.
87. I wish I knew how to do more with my hair -- I especially love wild and crazy hairstyles, even though most of them aren't me.
88. My favorite numbers are primes.
89. When little kids do cute things, it makes my toes curl. This is my mom's fault.
90. The song "Brown Eyed Girl" always makes me want brown eyes. Someday, I'll try colored contact lenses to see what it's like.
91. If I could add any physical feature to my body, it would be a prehensile tail. After that, it would be working wings.
92. Among the things I'd like to learn: knitting, crocheting, glassblowing, pottery throwing, and ice sculpting.
93. If I ever have a wedding, I think I'd like to wear red.
94. I have seborrhea, a skin condition that makes my scalp and parts of my face flaky and itchy. There are a couple of moderately successful treatments for this, and I use them, and apparently, they work, because one of the most frequent compliments I get is on my nice skin. This baffles me, as I still perceive myself to have problem skin.
95. I think of bowling as a really dorky activity, but I never fail to have a really great time when I do it.
96. When I was little, I didn't have an inordinate fear of needles, but my junior year in high school, I passed out from a shot, and I've been woozy about them ever since.
97. Despite this, I got my nipples pierced last year.
98. The only time a chew a whole piece of gum is when it's bubble gum. Otherwise, I tear my gum in half and save the other half for later.
99. I have a weakness for men with pierced ears
100. I sleep in the buff enough that I regularly forget to bring sleeping attire when I'm going on a trip where I will need it.
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