ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

... and I have to say ...


It was better than the previous two, which conforms to most people's evaluations. It felt a lot more like it fit with the earlier trilogy, and there were some obvious jabs at the Bush administration in the political maneuvering. But there was a huge, gaping hole.

This was really the movie everyone was waiting for. How does Anakin turn into Vader. Right? So... make it about that, no? None of these movies were particularly big on believable dialogue, but here was a big chance to really give us some insight into the character and the process. But the turning point scene lacked a lot. It was too easy, and although leading up to it, we saw that Anakin was conflicted, frightened, confused... we were given lots of hints as to what was happening for him... in the end, it was just too easy. He goes from, "What have I done?" to kneeling for Darth Sidius in the span of 10 seconds. This was not believable, nor interesting. I found it very disappointing.

Not that I should be surprised. After all, the whole I-III trilogy has been a series of disappointments. At least we got to see it for free.

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