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Rosa, an instruction manual

Although I have a fairly long fuse in most cases, and with most people, there are, of course, some behaviors that can skip right over the length of it and light it about two inches from where it ignites. (Some people can do this, too, but less, these days.) One of these behaviors is when a person acts as though I don't know things that I think should be obvious to any reasonably smart and attentive person. I know that in the current case, the reason for this attitude is that the person in question doesn't KNOW what a reasonably bright person might know, because, well, she's not one, and these things were probably a major revelation to her. This, you may not be surprised to know, does not endear her to me.

It would be one thing if she had a clear attitude of, "I'm communicating at my top level, and the people with whom I'm communicating can keep up." Even if her top level were well behind mine, I could respect her stance and probably wouldn't find her (as) annoying. But the fact that she seems to think that I need little parentheticals to help me understand what it means for something to have endured (it lasted) or made a difference (it matters)... That means she's communicating at her top level AND she thinks I need help keeping up.

What's worse, in this case, is that it's in a business context, and it's not just me to whom she's attempting to talk down. In fact, the group to which this communication was addressed is extremely sharp. This, in turn, makes me embarrassed for Miss Down-Talk, because it's obvious that she's in over her head in communicating with us, and she doesn't even realize it. But that doesn't make me like her or her behavior any more than I already do(n't).
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