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ruthless compassion

How to make a good friday (and not the whackjob religious kind, either)

Yesterday was one of those good days. I went to work late, which makes traffic much more manageable (not that it's usually bad, and typically only from my house to Route 2). At work, we were productive and snarky: my favorite!

At the end of the day, I informed my boss that her offered bribe (plus bimonthly spa days) would be acceptable to get me to stay for an extra year beyond what I had originally planned. This seemed to please her, and I know I'm happy with the outcome. Now I can say that one of the perks of my job is spa days: how cool is that!

This means that I'll be changing my availability date for the Peace Corps. I was assured that this won't impact my eligibility at all, so it works out well all the way around. I'll continue on with the medical clearance forms and generally finishing up all the paperwork and such, and we'll go from there.

wolfkitn called me in the morning to complain about some unfortunate news she'd just heard, and while we were talking, she mentioned she was thinking of going to the Greenfield dance. Well! I didn't have any evening plans, so, voila! So we went to Greenfield after work, and the dance was awesome -- it was just the right amount of energetic, great dancing, and nice people. The only bad thing was that early in the evening, it wasn't quite the right amount of cool and dry. But once I'm dancing, I don't mind so much; it's just when we stop :)

We got home around 2 in the morning, I showered and fell into bed, and now, I think I'm awake earlier than I ought to be. Darned internal alarm clock!
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