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Compliments are funny things. Unlike some people, who feel self-conscious and don't know how to handle them, I enjoy getting complimented. I most like them when they're a) unexpected and b) reflect something that I think of as an important part of who I am that c) someone else is recognizing.

In that vein, I've (relatively) recently received two really awesome compliments:

"Last night I was marvelling at what a chatterbox I am around you. Everything that passes through my brain seems to come out my mouth. I think it's because you appear to be actually listening! "Oh my god, she's actually listening to me! What do I do?" How pleasantly disorienting."


"Interestingly, once I realized I needed human contact, there was not a shred of doubt in my mind that what i really craved was *Rosa* contact... You somehow seemed like just the person who exudes the kind of warmth and comfort I was craving."

What's special about these is that they came from people who I like, but who aren't in my closest-friend set -- I'm completely tickled that people who I know socially feel this way about me. It makes me feel like I'm living right.
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