ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

bday fun

I had a very lovely birthday, starting with renewing my driver's license online, thank you all for your input on that. I wish I'd had time in the last two weeks to do it in person, but I concluded, in the end, that I really didn't want to deal face-to-face with the RMV on my actual birthday, so I didn't. That means five more years of the same photo, but, really, that's hardly the end of the world :)

When I finally did leave the house, after having some of the excellent pear-mango-ginger-blueberry crunch that miss_chance made for me last night (and it made a tasty and wonderful breakfast), I headed to Le Pli Day Spa for my post-conference birthday pampering. This was my first time ever at a spa, and, unsurprisingly, I liked it a lot. Next time, i think I'll skip the pedicure; it was nice, but it didn't do nearly as much for me as the facial and body wrap did. Now I smell all sea-y from the marine wrap. Also, I'm a tad salty. Don't ask why I know that.

I'll definitely go back! It was really fun and everyone was super nice.

I walked home afterwards, enjoying the sun and the air, and I started on a little creative project that I'm planning for myself for the next bit of time. I need more supplies for it, of course, so mostly I was sorting through ideas and preparatory gathering. eveandodd made me a delicious burger for dinner, and we watched Monsoon Wedding.

I got lots of sweet birthday wishes via email, lj and phone, and generally had a great, mellow, relaxing time.

Yay :)

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