ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

vacation dreams

During my time down south, I spent a couple of weeks in Honduras, learning, among other things, to scuba dive. Sadly, I haven't diven ;) since then. I think this winter, I'd like to remedy that, and combine the remedy with a remedy for the midwinter blahs. So I'm thinking about a tropical vacation sometime in Februaryish. If I go by myself, I'll likely shoot to head back to Roatan, where I learned scuba, as it's an inexpensive, beautiful place to dive, and I liked the shop where I learned, but if other folks would like to join me, I'm open to suggestions of other spots.

Which leads to the question:

Any interest in joining me for a midwinter tropical vacation where at least some diving will be done? Say, oh, Februaryish?
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