ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

oh, that old thing?

I've outgrown a favorite outfit. Not so much in the sense of growing taller and broader, as I did when outgrowing outfits in my younger years, of course, but in the sense of it just not fitting me, anymore. The color isn't quite right, and the style doesn't fit with my image of myself, or what I want that image to be, or how I want to be seen by others. The fabric, though comfortingly familiar, I've come to find sort of itchy. It feels snug and loose in exactly the wrong places.

I realized this a few months ago, on some level, and I put it in the closet to postpone a big decision about it. Silly, I know, to have the realization that it's no longer quite right but not be willing to make the cut, but there you have it. I've even worn it a few times since then, apparently not trusting that original realization. It's definitely familiar, and comfortable for that, but...

So, it's time to take it to goodwill. And a few of its contemporaries, as well. This shouldn't be so hard, should it? On the other hand, it'll be great to free up some hangers.

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