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fall blooms!

Today, after deciding that my tomato plants were done for the season, I cut down the stalks and took them to the compost pile. Now, the tomatoes have been growing in big cedar pots on the back porch, the largest of which is right outside the door. So I was standing there cutting them back, and as I did so, the physical presence of fall moved in.

One of the (many) things I love about fall is that the sky returns. I love how much more I can see when the leaves are off the trees. And because I'm used to the view from that part of the porch, where the tomatoes are, being obscured by the tall, leafy plants, as I trimmed them back, it was like fall in fast-forward, and I felt myself becoming lighter as the view widened and became less obscured.

I don't think I can do the sensation justice, but it's a physical one, full-body. It's the feel of fall, of long light and open skies. It's centered right under my sternum, an opening, a broadening, like I can take deeper breaths, and it shivers down into my fingers and toes like leaves falling off trees.

Mostly, trees here are still green, but I got an exciting glimpse into the quickening of fall today, and I feel good for it.

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