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More Q&A

Questions from jacflash for this one!

1) Why are people (generally speaking, of course) so disconnected from themselves?

Uhhhhh. I'd tell you, but then how would I make my millions?

Alternately, 42.

Alternately, are you sure they are?

2) You are given control of a million-dollar fund earmarked for US political or social activism (not for charity, in other words). Setting aside campaign finance laws, etc., to whom do you donate? Why?

Dude. That's a tough one. I mean, obviously, I'd split it out to a few progressive causes, but who? I don't have a pet politician (though, I suppose with that kind of money, I could), so it would probably go to a variety of politically active groups: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, MoveOn, maybe some watchdog group or another. And, yes, obviously, there's a bit of blurring there between activism and charity. Deal with it :)

3) The US government, in a snit, withdraws your citizenship. The Great Bird of the Galaxy takes pity on you and offers to make you a citizen of any other nation. Which do you choose? Why?

Interestingly, this is not immediately obvious. Although I'm most likely to end up living as an expat in Latin America, a passport from one of those countries doesn't open a lot of doors, so probably none of them. I think I'd want to research what countries would be most useful for my future life. That would mean, largely, ease of travel and happier politics. Canada certainly springs to mind as being familiar and allowing for pretty easy travel more or less anywhere I think I'd want to go. Some of the Scandinavian countries have a certain appeal, too, for their socialist leanings. I hope I have a week or so to decide :)

3.5) Don't you just love the word "snit"?

Yes. Yes, I do.

4) When was the last time you read a book that resonated with you in a life-changing way? What was the book? Why was it resonant?

Last winter: Mountains Beyond Mountains, a book about Dr. Paul Farmer, who's doing what he can to change the face of public health in developing countries. Well, in truth, he's doing what he can to change the face of public health in the world, but by instituting effective public health procedures in developing countries, where many people have, historically, written off the poorest of the poor as automatic losses in the work of saving lives.

It was resonant because a fantasy I have of myself is that I'm driven enough to change the world like that, to have that clarity of vision and that motivation to make a huge difference. But it was resonant/inspiring also because it showed that differences can be made.

5) A great banquet is planned in your honor. Significant people from your past and present will be coming from far and wide to praise you with speeches and performances. The budget is unlimited, the planners' attention to detail is exquisite, and their understanding of you is comprehensive. What will be served for dinner?

Haha! Can this be an all day affair? We'll have a fancy brunch buffet, with lox and caviar and delicious pastries and fruit. Over the course of the afternoon, waitstaff will wander around with trays of finger-food, most of it dim-sum-ish and otherwise Asian-inspired deliciousness. Dinner will have several courses, which will include raw fish, foie gras, duck, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses, perhaps a cold soup, lobster tastiness, and several amazing things that I don't know about and are big surprises. Each of these will, of course, be paired with the perfect wine or other beverage. Dessert might have to have a couple of courses, too: something fruity, something creamy, something caramelly...

Maybe this should be a full weekend affair. :)

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