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more Q&A

These questions are from ghislaine:

1) Now that you've finally cut your hair short after years of thinking about it, are you happy with it? Do you think you'll ever go long again?

Yes on both counts. Having short hair has been great for a whole slew of reasons (which I'll probably go into in a post sometime soon), and I'm very, very glad I did it (for another slew of reasons). I think I look much better with shorter hair than with the very, very long hair I had two years ago, and one of the fun things about short hair is the many opportunities for changing the style of it and having different shapes and such. When I had long hair, I always said one of the fun things about it was the opportunity to do nifty 'dos, but the fact is, I never really took advantage of that.

All that said, the very short hair I've been sporting, while looking good (I even got some surprised-and-admiring comments from strangers who claim to be seriously enamored of long hair, but who loved mine, anyway), doesn't really feel like me, so I think I'm aiming for something like the original haircut I got a couple of springs ago -- the peppy bob. I may go for shorter or longer or even try different styles, but I'm heading toward longer than where I am now, but not super long like it was before.

2) You're given the opportunity to travel to the moon and play a significant role in organizing the first colony there. But you can't ever come back to earth. Would you do it?

My gut response is "absolutely." But then I started asking things like, "Could people come visit me?" and "What will the food be like?"

But since my gut response was so strongly favorable, I bet I would :)

3) Biggest turnon? Biggest turnoff?

Turnon: competence.
Turnoff: Dude. Just one? Seriously, too many to list. Let's just pull one out of the hat and go with the inability to realize when you've just figuratively shoved everyone else out of the room by taking over the conversation and trampling it.

4) If you could live for a week as a man, would you try it out? Why/why not?

Oh, no question. As long as I'm guaranteed that I get to turn back to a woman with no weird side effects at the end of the week!

I think it would be extremely interesting to move through the world as a man and to see what's different and what's similar in the ways people interact with me.

5) The President calls on you to represent the US on some social cause about which you are an expert. Normally you'd leap at the opportunity, but with the state of politics as they are and how the US is viewed in the world right now, and the president being who he is, do you still accept?

Oooh, tough one. I think I'd say yes, but it would depend a lot on how much freedom I was going to have to represent the cause. If I would be handed a script and basically expected to stick to it, that would be way less tempting, obviously. But if I would have the chance to talk to people in a basically free way, to speak my mind, I'd totally do it. And if I were given a script but thought there would be a way to subvert it, I'd probably go for that, too ;)

You want questions? I've got questions!

Also, someone responded to my last Q&A post wanting questions, but you posted anonymously, so my first question is: Who are you?

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