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Further thoughts on the Stow thing

It never seriously occurred to me that we might lose at town meeting. It was one of those theoretical risks that, I thought, just don't pan out, and we go our merry way, build Mosaic and move in, make nice with the neighbors eventually, and settle in to life as Stow residents.

One of the things that I'm struggling with the most, in terms of my mental space, is knowing that those ASSHOLES on Red Acre Road "won", and I can just imagine how smug they are feeling today, and it makes my blood boil. ARGH!

And in a piece of bitter irony, the Trust for Public Lands, the shiny non-profit that probably turned the tide, is probably a nonprofit to whom I would, under other circumstances, give money, and/or vote for in a town meeting. Ahh, life, thanks for that lesson, if only I could interpret it.

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