ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

counting blessings

After an emotionally trying week, there's nothing like having some good food with some great friends. I had a delightful lunch with moominmolly, who is managing to make late pregnancy look both impatient and fabulous. You know how lots of pregnant women kind of waddle? She somehow manages to glide. It's awesome. The word of the meal was "mucus plug". I'm only sorry that I can't use that in more conversations.

This evening, dbang, ghislaine, kimcob, omegabeth and Liz, who doesn't yet have an lj, helped me not only to drown my sorrows in sangria, but to wash them away completely through the judicious application of setas al jerez, other tasty tapas, and some really kickass conversation. In many ways, I'm an introvert, looking to regain my emotional stability through alone time and solitary processing, but when I hook up with my friends, I'm reminded that recharging myself can happen through other means, as well. Where a big party might be far too daunting to consider even for a moment, a handful of heartfelt friends can be just what the doctor ordered. I'm lucky to have that available in my life.

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