ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

because one day of thanks is not enough: part 7 (of 7)

There are enough things that I haven't expressed my thanks for that I could continue this for another week, easily. Small things, from living with coffee drinkers to living with cats to hot and cold running water... Large things, from having a home to having a plethora of options to being healthy...

But, of course, I've been saving my favorite for last, and that is the thing that makes my life what it is: my friends and family. Life is not much without such a network, and I've been blessed to be surrounded by amazingly wonderful people, from my parents and brother to my past and current friends. If we've ever shared a hug or laughter or a meal or nodded hello on the street or gotten into a friendly argument, you've thrown your hat into the ring of my life, and I appreciate it.

I'm especially grateful to my family and closest friends, who've stuck with me, given me support and prodded me onward in the last few years, when I've thrown the order of my life to the wind and am still figuring out the pattern the wind blew into my formerly organized life. Some of you are new to my life and some of you have been around for a long time, but you're all helping me incredibly as I discover my path into the future.

Thank you.
Tags: thanksgiving

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