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I love music, but it comes and goes in my life. I go through periods when I listen to less music and periods when I listen to more, and I seem to be coming into one of the more phases. Part of what's fun about this is getting turned on to new music. While we were cooking for Thanksgiving, miss_chance introduced me to Chris Smither, whose "No Love Today" has really grabbed my imagination. Here are the lyrics, though it's much diminished without the music.

No Love Today -- Chris Smither

I don't know much, when I knew less,
And I was heartbroke for the first time,
I was drowning in my tears,
I went looking for a lifeline,
Trying to find some comfort,
A simple tender touch,
Searching for some little cure
That would not cost too much,
And I could hear that produce wagon on the street,
I could hear that farmer singing,
As I cried myself to sleep

I got ba-na-na, watermelon, peaches by the pound,
Sweet corn, mirleton, mo' better than in town,
I got okra, enough to choke ya,
Beans of every kind,
If hungry is what's eatin' you
I'll sell you peace of mind,
But this ain't what you came to hear me say,
And I hate to disappoint you,
But I got no love today,
I got no love today,
I got no love today,
No love today

I could not love to save myself
From lonesome desperation.
Everything I thought was love
Was worthless imitation.
My concept of commitment
Was to take all you could give,
I thought the cheapest thrills I loved
Were teachin' me to live,
But nothin' seemed to last or see me through
Nothin' but that little song
That I still sing for you.


No love today, none tomorrow,
Not now, not forever.
You can't see what comes for free,
I think you much too clever,
For your own good I will tell you
What's right before your eyes,
Intelligence is no defense
Against what this implies,
In the end no one will sell you what you need,
You can't buy it off the shelf,
You got to grow it from the seed,


(emphasis mine)

This fits in nicely with my current musical search, which was sparked by hearing "Hallelujah" (the Jeff Buckley version) on the radio recently, so I'm now turning to you, my friends list, for help in adding to this particular segment of my collection: music that sends chills up your spine. If you have the music that you'd like to share, great, but if not, I'll track it down myself!
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