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New York/Newark/Hoboken

I've been to NYC, but only a couple of times, and never for more than a few hours at a shot, so I don't know it or the area well at all. I have a meeting in Hoboken on Friday, and I learned over the summer that it's better for me to avoid one day one-fell-swoop trips when I can because they're exhausting. So I'm thinking about flying down on Thursday night. Because it's such short notice, I'll be paying (ok, the project will be paying) through the nose, anyway, so my boss suggested I might want to spend the night in NYC, as it's more interesting than either Newark or Hoboken.

So I turn to you, my expert friends: How hard would it be for me to get from NYC to Hoboken on Friday morning? Which airport makes the most sense for going into NYC?

In more fun: Where should I stay? And where should I eat? :)

[EDIT: This trip is, much to my delight, off. However, all of your advice will not be in vain, as I'll be heading down that way later in the season when I can do it with a bit more pre-planning.]

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