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Ob: Arisia

I was really looking forward to Arisia this year. I've had a really great time the past couple of years, and I was totally in the mood for a con, so I was well due for After getting all the shopping done for the party, and getting packed, and getting to the hotel, and and and... I SHOULD have taken a nap. But I didn't :)

That, of course, ended up meaning that I was a bit short on sleep all weekend, which is too bad. And my mood didn't really fit the tone of the party either night, which is a bit of a bummer.

That said, I did have a good weekend. People enjoyed the party, which was satisfying, and I got some nice time with ghislaine, and I certainly can't complain about that! Dim sum on Saturday had a really nice number and combination of people.

It's always weird to be home after a con -- I'm glad to have a day off before heading back to work, at least. It's further weird to get home where the roommates did a TON of housecleaning, which is really awesome, but I'm feeling a little miffed about some of what they did, like, replace my earth-friendly dishsoap with your standard palmolive or whatever it is with a funky scent, and move all my stuff into my room, which makes me feel like I can't have MY stuff in the common spaces. I think part of my prickliness has to do with adjusting to being back in mundane space, but still.

Nice lazy day. Kim and boys will be coming over later. Food, now.

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