ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


For several months, I've been pondering, in the background, buying myself a new computer. Mine is coming up on 5 years old, and it's getting a little crotchety. For a whole lot of reasons, I've been resisting this, though -- from avoiding unnecessary consumerism to the fact that I'm probably going to the Peace Corps in a year or so...

But last night, I was unable to get my current laptop to recognize any wifi networks in our neighborhood, while my work laptop was able to see six. Well, a computer is no good to me if it can't talk to the world, so I was back to thinking about a new computer. It went from, "If I can't fix it, I'll get a new one," to "I'll try to fix it, and give it to my brother in any case, and get myself a new one." Now, in the bright light of morning, I'm still on the verge of clicking "buy" on a shiny new laptop, even though, strictly speaking, if I can get the old one working, I don't need it.

This is both exciting and guilt-inducing.

Plus, I really do want to make the old one talk to wireless networks again before I fob it off on my (less tech-savvy) brother.

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