ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Hooray Apple Store Genius Bar!

I took my poor, ailing ultima thule (that's my computer's name) to the Apple Store to consult with a genius at the genius bar this afternoon. Booking an appointment ahead was definitely the way to go, and very handy, too. I got there about 10 minutes early, checked in, and was helped right on time for my appointment time. Hooray!

Rebecca, the genius, admired the oldness of my computer and was impressed that it's running Tiger and that this is the first repair it's needed. I explained the problem, she futzed, thought it was the airport card, whisked it off to the back room, checked some things out, confirmed it was the airport card, and brought it back out. She then filled out a form, installed a new airport card, and sent me on my way. More hooray!

Now, of course, I'm in a quandry. I love my ultima thule; it's a good computer and it serves my needs. But while thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be talking to wireless networks ever again, I got to thinking more seriously about getting a new computer. And now I'm experiencing new gadget lust. I could get a 14" ibook and it would be all shiny and fast! Also, my brother, who would inherit ultima thule, would probably very much appreciate having a new-to-him laptop, so it would make a kickass gift. On the other hand, it's not like new computers are cheap, and I really don't need a new one. So, I turn to the collective wisdom of my friends list, which will not help me at all in making the decision, but will be entertaining nonetheless:

Poll #633890 To new computer or not to new computer?

My laptop is back in working order. Should I replace it anyway?

Yes, you use your computer a lot and it'll be fun!
No, don't buy things you don't need!

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