ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

heading home for the holidays

Last night was the company holiday food extravaganza. As the newest employee, it was my job to pick the place, so we went to Sandrine's because #9 Park was booked by the time I got around to calling. Sandrine's, it turns out, was JUST FINE. Yum. We had much sharing of tastes around the table, and I'll be happy to talk more about it except I have a few things to do before heading to Wyoming this afternoon! Suffice it to say, the lamb... oooooooohhh yum.

My flight this afternoon is at 4:30, and I'll be trying planettran as my car service to the airport. (You can tell I'm feeling flush because I'm not taking the T.) I'll give a full report! Between now and then, I need to pack (all the stuff I'm bringing is in a pile in my room -- that's a start! I just have to fit it into my bags!), go to my voice lesson, return my rental car and, uh, do whatever other things I've forgotten about. So, more details may come later. Or maybe not :)

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