ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Home for the holidays

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got distracted. A couple of edits are thus in order:

I have arrived safely in Wyoming, where it's cold and snowy raining and warm. The flight from Boston to SLC yesterday Tuesday was LONG, made longer by the fact that I was in the row before the exit row, which, of course, meant no reclining. I often don't recline at all, anyway, so this didn't seem like a big deal at the beginning of the flight, but after 5 hours, I was ready for a change. Fortunately, we arrived early and there was no rush to catch the JAC flight, which was only 30 minutes.

When flying into or out of JH, there's a reasonable chance that I'll run into someone I know, either on the plane or picking up/dropping off someone at the airport, and last night was no exception, as an old friend/former crush was on my flight from SLC, although we didn't see each other until we were actually on the ground in Wyoming. It IS a small world here, but in further small worldness, it turns out, he'd been on the BOS - SLC flight, too! So, we'll be getting together to catch up, either here or back in Boston in January.

Once home, I had a cookie and went to bed. Boots, the cat, kept my bed warm. Yay :)

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