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room available (soon)

eveandodd has announced that she'll be moving out at the end of January -- she's looking for a place for herself, and we're all excited for her! We're also excited/nervous because this means finding a new roommate to take her place! If you know anyone who's looking for a room in the Davis area, you should put them in touch with me, miss_chance or totient. What follows below is just my quick rundown of our apartment and what we're (okay I'm) hoping for in a roommate, so it may change after the three of us sit down and discuss, but for now...

We live in the 2nd and 3rd floors of a pretty classic Somerville two-family. We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a way-better-than-average kitchen, and a regular living room and dining room, as well as an office upstairs and something of an all-purpose room, the primary function of which changes a bit from time to time. One of my favorite things about this place isn't so easy to highlight at this time of year, but it's the back porch, which overlooks the bike path and is basically where we all live in the summer. We also have a (slightly rickety, but still totally safe) front porch where we hang a hammock in the summertime. There's laundry in the basement (not coin-op, even!) and plenty of space to store stuff (though it's a basement, so, you know, dusty and a little damp).

We're in easy walking distance to Davis and Porter squares and thus the red line, and even easier walking distance to several bus lines that go to Sullivan Square, Lechmere, Medford Center, among others.

The room that will be free is on the small side (8' x 12') with a small closet.

The remaining roommates are in our 30s, though we don't have strong feelings on the age of folks who might move in. Obviously, what we're most looking for is someone who's a good fit. I think it would be useful for whoever moves in to have experience living in a roommate situation, preferably an amiable, kinda-sorta-coop-y type thing, which is how I'd describe us. We share food (though the new person doesn't have to) and sometimes manage to cook and eat together when evening plans permit. We like the house to be warm and welcoming, and we have a big party 2-4 times a year.

Our biggest "issue" tends to be clutter, and we all get annoyed by it but somehow we all tend to contribute to it. It would be ideal to find someone who likes to avoid clutter but who won't freak out when it happens. Kitchen cleanliness is the main thing that at least two of the three of us feel strongly about, so we're hoping to find someone whose general feeling on that is that all your dishes are taken care of before you go to bed. We have cleaners come in every other week, which helps us keep things at a reasonable baseline.

We have a very nice and fairly sheddy cat who will be staying, and one who's leaving with eveandodd, so if you have a cat allergy, this probably isn't the best place for you to live. I think we'd be open to finding someone with a cat, assuming your cat and our cat get along.
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