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It could be suggested that tonight, one of the coldest nights of the year, would be a good night to take the train home. I felt like walking, though, despite the cold and wind, and it was good, but my cold-induced hives made an appearance, and I ended up feeling a little nauseated toward the end. Stopped at TJ's to warm up and pick up dinner before walking the last couple of blocks home.

An hour after being home, I realized I was still huddled in the chair, shivering, so I heated some yummy chowder and got my microwavable heating pillow and my hat and my blanket. Half an hour later, Melissa came in to find me bundled up, and she had to laugh, since she, earlier in the day, had gone into my room to find something and found it FREEZING, of course :)

Now, I'm warm, and I hope the chill won't have let any bad germs in.

I've been in a prickly damn mood all day. I'm hoping a good night's sleep tonight will help.

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