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In food_porn, someone brought up the question of what Splenda is, which reminded me of this conversation, which happened over Thanksgiving here last fall, and which I've been meaning to post for a while:

Among our dinner guests were two chemists.

Chemist1: Do you know what sucralose is?
Chemist2: Sucralose?
C1: The stuff in Splenda.
C2: No, what is it?
C1: *in an outraged and incredulous voice* It's tri-chlorinated sucrose!
C2: *gasps and literally rears back in his seat in shock*
C1: And people eat it!!!
C2: Oh, my god.

Then they explained to the rest of us about how no one really bothers to test how toxic chlorinated organics are because mostly we don't have a need to know the difference between, "it'll kill you in a week," vs. "it'll kill you in a year" in the applications that such substances usually have.

I've always been very suspicious of fake sweeteners, and that conversation tipped me over the edge on Splenda, too. If I want sweet, I'll have regular old sugar and its compatriots: honey, molasses, maple syrup and the like.
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