ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Brief update from Puerto Rico

The TSA guy who checked my ID this morning scolded me for having cut my hair. Guess how that went over?
I refrained myself from removing his head.

I've decided that I'll feel old when I travel as a single woman in the tropics and/or Latin America and don't get hit on. That will not be an issue this trip.

I still love swimming in the ocean, even if the beach near the hotel is pretty lame.

Hearing Spanish makes me happy. Why am I not making an effort to do this on a regular basis at home?

Speaking Spanish and being understood is also happymaking.

The hotel... sucks. (This is the conference hotel. A report on the fun hotel will come upon my return to Boston.)

My bosses got me drunk again tonight. And the food was good. If nothing else comes of this conference, this was a nice evening :) Also, good rum is AWFLLY good. And I don't even like rum that much.

Um, there might be something else, but see above comment about the rum and the drinking.

Oh! PS - Leaving Boston in the drizzly snow for Puerto Rico in the sun and the beachiness is an okay tradeoff from my end.
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