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ruthless compassion

I don't really know how Puerto Rico is, since, aside from getting outside the afternoon I arrived, I've been stuck in this awful hotel the whole time. (I know it's only been a day or so, but it feels like so much longer.) The hotel (conference hotel, not fun hotel) is just what I hate in resort hotels: big, impersonal, expensive, near-but-not-on the ocean (you can pay twice as much to be on the ocean, but needless to say, the conference isn't springing for those rooms), full of dazed-looking tourists who don't really know where they are. Oh, and there's a casino that I have to walk by between my room and the conference rooms. I hate casinos; in the 15 seconds it takes to get by this one, I can feel the edges of the headache they induce creeping up on me. Ick.

All the staff speak English to me, since I'm obviously anglophone, which is fine; I have lots of opportunity to eavesdrop. I actually understand some of the PR Spanish! That's exciting.

I'm fighting a cold, which is not helped by the frigid air conditioning and lack of sleep before departing and also my first night here, but last night, I got about 8, maybe 9 hours, which will, I hope, help!

This has been a very complainy post, but it's not all bad. The conference is boring, but I got a nice gift bag for facilitating a group yesterday, and I'm valiantly resisting flirting with one of the fellows in that group, so I'm feeling accomplished for succeeding in that. We're getting a lot done, and if nothing else, I'm probably billing enough time to make up entirely for the days of vacation that I'll be taking for my play days Monday and Tuesday.
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